Garden Roofing

Garden Roofing Can Offer You Great Benefits…But Be Sure To Avoid The Common Pitfalls And Hassles

Have you considered the benefits that a garden roof can offer, like:

  • Energy Savings…Up to 15% according to recent studies*
  • Land Optimization…The potential to build a larger structure or add square footage onto your existing property than would normally be allowed by code (due to improved stormwater management)
  • Tax Incentives…Federal as well as many state and local governments have enacted tax benefits for garden-type roofs.

The list of benefits for garden roofs is long (visit for more information). But before you select a garden roof for your property, be sure you avoid the common pitfalls and hassles associated with many garden roof systems:

  • Major Hassle #1: Complicated, ineffective designs…
    Garden roofs can have up to 8 different components (not including the roofing membranes), that can be time-consuming and difficult to install. If installed improperly, the result can be poor performance or even system failure.
  • Major Hassle #2: Multiple unaffiliated contractors…
    Most garden roof suppliers utilize different installers (roofing contractors, landscapers, etc) which can lead to longer installation time and business interruption for you.
  • Major Hassle #3: Multiple guarantee sources…
    If you have a problem, who do you turn to? The roof manufacturer? The plant supplier? The contractor(s)? Will they even be in business in a few years (much less 20 years or more from now)?

To address these risks, GAF has developed a superior garden roofing solution…

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