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Energy Smart Polyiso Insulation

The Cornerstone of Green Buildings

We call our product the “cornerstone of green buildings” because we believe that the energy saving properties and environmentally sustainable elements of thermal building and roofing insulation have been somewhat overlooked during the years of inexpensive oil. Happily, the green building movement has been gaining momentum, thanks to thoughtful and forward thinking design professionals and to the social imperative of energy conservation that has begun to take root.

Most people don’t know what polyiso insulation is – and it may not be as flashy and “new-age” as some of the cool green building materials coming into vogue. But Polyiso is tested, tried and true when it comes to performance and durability in its applications. And it’s a fact that the use of insulation will dramatically improve a building’s efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint. With buildings accounting for more than 40% of the US CO2 emissions, our product can jump in easily to make an impact in the mitigation of climate change.

Polyiso insulation is the #1 insulating material on the market today in terms of thermal efficiency and its range of applications in the building industry. It can be installed on both commercial and residential structures, on the roof or in the wall. Polyiso is lightweight, cost-effective and provides time-honored return on investment with energy savings.

Hunter Panels produces a full line of polyiso products in six manufacturing facilities across North America. The Hunter team takes pride in driving home the message of energy conservation to our customers. All of us at Hunter agree enthusiastically with the goals of sustainable design. Using these principles will ensure a healthier environment for our planet’s future generations.

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