Two Tone Roof

My name is Tony Sullivan and I painted that roof in the photos. I have been roof tiling for 28yrs, decided about 4 years ago to give contracting away and start doing roof restorations.

I live at Wurtulla on the Sunshine coast, the roof is in Sharon crescent, Mountain creek, Sunshine coast. The owner is a builder that I do work for, he has fully renovated the house. He built an extension at the rear, so I removed the tiles from the garage and installed them on the extension, and then installed new monier saharto tiles to the garage.

I took some of the new tiles down to Andrew in Brisbane, he color matched the three colors in the tile. First I painted two coats of a cream which we made up. The next day I started with the sahara, flicking it randomly over the roof. I turned the pressure down to around 1000 psi so the paint splattered a bit, and turned the spray tip 90 degrees so it didn’t spray wide. While spraying the sahara I thought what have I got myself into, this looks crap. Then did the same with the Grecian terra cotta, it started to look allright then. I sprayed twice as much Grecian to the Sahara.

The next day I painted all the ridges and barges by brush. Andrew suggested I spray a coat of accopol over the roof, as the flicked paint was only one coat and fine, this could fade sooner. A week later I sprayed the accopol on. I was really happy with the result.

I’m a bit fussy and take alot of pride in my work, I’m really happy with your paint, it gives great me confidence using it, knowing the roof will look good when finished and stay that way longer than other restorers work.