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With over 20-years of providing high-quality service in Southern California, Modern Roofing, Inc. is a premier specialty contractor bringing tremendous value to your home for generations to come.


  • Your Roofing Champion™: In the roofing industry of Southern California, Modern Roofing, Inc. stands unwavering and unmatched—a champion of strength and reliability. Our legacy is etched in industry excellence, offering artisanal roofing solutions with unmatched passion.
  • Gracing the Skylines:From Beverly Hills mansions to Downtown Los Angeles hubs, our touch graces the skyline, be it with composition shingles, metal roofs, or the elegance of tile roofs. Our expertise spans flat roofs, roof coatings, PVC, and TPO, making us your holistic roofing solution.
  • Creating Seamless Masterpieces:Navigating roofing challenges? Lay your apprehensions to rest with Modern Roofing, Inc. We transform daunting insurance restoration projects into seamless masterpieces, slicing through bureaucratic red tape with precision.
  • Our Pristine Reputation:With a portfolio of elated customers, our reputation soars as the crowning jewel of residential,commercial, and industrial roofing in Southern California.

Modern Roofing, Inc.—your shield against the elements and the pinnacle of roofing excellence.

About Us

Residential Roofing

We build more than just a roof; your home will become an impenetrable fortress, intended to endure the everyday hardships.


Commercial Roofing

Our experts will equip your business location with a roof of the 21st century, designed to withstand the tests-of-time.


Industrial Roofing

We provide full-scale industrial roofs that typically cover larger areas and are designed to support substantial loads, including heavy equipment.



  • Unmatched: Upholding the Highest Industry Credentials: Insured, Licensed & Certified
  • Specialized: Expertise in Comprehensive Roofing Solutions
  • Hands-On: Rigorous Inspection by our Senior Project Manager and the Proprietor for Every Installation and Replacement
  • Professionalism: Consistent Communication: Real-time Updates for Property Owners
  • Reliable: Unwavering 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Dedicated: We Operation Year-Round and are Here to Service
  • Flexibility: Offering Attractive Financing and Favorable rates as low as  4% Upon Credit Approval
  • Distinguished: An Elite Los Angeles’ Roofing Specialist – Your Roof is Our Responsibility!


  • Proven Record: Over Two Decades of Stellar Reputation in Roofing Mastery
  • At Your Service: Complimentary, No-Obligation Project Estimates
  • True Professionals: A Dedicated In-House Team– No Subcontracting or Temporary Labor
  • Industry Leaders: Awarded as the Foremost Commercial Roofing Contractors
  • Top Quality: Licensed Building Inspections by the Los Angeles City Building Department
  • Extensive Experience: Our Craftsmen Boast Over 20 Years of Hands-On Expertise
  • Enriching You: A Portfolio Rich in Prestige – Explore Our Visual Testimonials in the Photo Gallery
  • Best-in-Class: Endorsed and Trained by Leading Manufacturers
  • Attention to Detail: Promise of No Driveway Damage with our Roof Removal System
  • Best Practices: Thorough Magnetic Cleanup for a Spotless Finish

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Valuable Clients Reviews

Masters of Roofing Craftsmanship

In the sprawling landscape of Los Angeles, where the skyline is as diverse as its populace, Modern Roofing stands as a paragon of excellence in the realm of roof repairs and replacements. Born from a profound dedication to meld exceptional quality with unparalleled customer interactions, our ethos is more than just business—it’s a commitment. Beyond the bustling streets of LA, our expertise also graces the picturesque terrains of Santa Barbara, ensuring that every roof we touch becomes a testament to our craft.


Masters of the Roofing Artistry

Entrust the crown of your home not to those still finding their footing in the roofing realm. In the vast tapestry of roofing companies dotting Los Angeles, let your discerning choice gravitate towards an emblem of trust and experience. As an established pillar in LA’s roofing community, we are not just contractors; we are GAF Certified Weather Stopper Roofing Artisans. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond just roofing—by offering and expertly installing Energy Star products, we ensure your home is both shielded and sustainable.


A Legacy Spanning Two Decades

Modern Roofing, as we mark our 20th year of exceptional service, stands as a distinguished recipient of the ‘Best Roofing Company’ accolade in the expansive Los Angeles realm. Our ethos is deeply rooted in an unwavering commitment to customer service, a commitment that has been our guiding beacon over the years. For any and all roofing dilemmas you face, know that we are not just a solution, but a trusted partner in preserving the sanctity of your sanctuary.

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