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Trends are not only meant for clothing style, but these apply to home-improvements as well. This is twenty-18, and we can see the exquisite trends in modern roofing to improve the overall appearance of exterior and interior.

Nowadays there are so many types and styles of modern roofing materials to choose the proper one for your roofing. But before taking any decision, it is necessary to consider which type of roofing material would be long-lasting and which style would complement the appearance of your house. The roofing material should be according to the price and your roofing requirements. So, that is why we have created a list of the most popular roofing products to choose the best one for your home roofing system.

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Solar Panels:

Solar Panels are at #1 on our list. These are from some of the hottest trends in roofing that focus on energy conversation. It is a type of roofing that possesses eco-friendly products and operate energy efficiency.

Well, solar panels have been existing in different forms for years, and this latest trend is breathing till now due to green movement which has brought fantastic attention to panels as home roofing option. Now the manufacturers create most sleek and elegant looking versions for roofing.

There’re a lot of leading companies in solar development for roofing systems.  Launched solar tiles that look great with your home’s overall appearance. Moreover, it also helps to save energy and cut utility bills.

Wood Shingles:

Another notable trend in roofing system styles is wood shingles. These are made up of cedar, however, can also be made up of rot-resistant woods; redwood. We all know how attractive and elegant look wood can give to your home. With beauty and attractiveness, it also demands periodic maintenance. But this doesn’t affect its demand.

Plastic Polymer:

The plastic polymer is another latest trend in the roofing world. People always look for the most attractive, and side by side most affordable formula for the roofing system that can add to its overall exterior. These are most durable synthetic roofing shingles that can be recycled when replaced. However, the best thing about plastic polymer is it demands deficient maintenance.


Metal is also trending in the latest roofing systems. However, metal could be made of steel, copper, aluminum, or zinc. The best thing about this material is it can easily be recycled when replaced, but requires a lot of energy to manufacture and so the cost demands. The durability of this metal depends on the material you choose.

Slate Roof:

The slate roof is still from one of the most durable roofing materials. It is a real stone, laid down thick on the roof. However, there always need truss strength to hold up this dense material. To Install Slate Roof, you need to hire the experts who have years of experience.

Luckily, Modern Roofing in Los Angeles is here who can serve you with the complete roof installation and repair services.

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